Thus spake Zarathustra? Thus spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche and Lena Hades
(This is a fragment of the painting  "ADLER und SCHLANGE" (EAGLE AND SNAKE) from the painting cycle "Thus spake Zarathustra", 1997. oil on canvas, 137 X 177 cm),

“鷹和蛇”,  莉娜閻王的油畫周期 “查拉图斯特拉如是说", 1997年, 油畫,137¯x177厘米), ハデスの絵画のサイクルツァラトゥストラはこう語った,,  鷲と蛇


Я - абзац. Кликните здесь, чтобы добавить или редактировать текст. Я - идеальное место рассказать о вас, чтобы посетители познакомились с вами поближе.

Lena Hades
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Lena Hades Facebook and the whole Facebook IS BLOCKED BY RUSSIAN AUTHORITIES...Twitter is blocked too, so Russian can't receive any true information about the war in Ukraine, "Дождь", "Медуза", "Знак", Эхо Москвы" were blocked too!!!

dear journalists! my direct e-mails - and, please, take any image of my paintings absolutely free for your articles but please indicate my name and the year when the painting was born... THANK YOU!

Now in Russia Facebook doesn't work, it's completely down because it's blocked by Russian authorities, Twitter is down too, Instagram is still working, so I can describe what is happening now in my country, this is our new world reality - the Third World "Peace"... This Third World "Peace" is so terrible, so frightening ... I don't know how to stop it ... No one can hear me ... Putin called this war "peacekeeping operation to restore peace" ... STOP WAR! STOP THIS CHIMERIC "PEACE"! #stopwar #peace #lenahades #lenahadesskulls #lenahadesheads