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Alir madhuna madhati vidyayah...

Alir madhuna madhati vidyayah (Sanskrit) -
"honey bee is drunk with the honey of knowledge" -- this is a big painting series, 2013.
This series is about Ancient languages, mathematics, all this that was called by the artist MATHISM

The Mathism means Sciences plus Visual Arts -- see the Manifest of Mathism

There are some scientific problems to be resolved by mathist approaches in this moment (25.03.2014) :
0. Philosophy. Nietzsche's philosophy in the visual arts (done)
1. Egyptology. Etymology of some ancient egyptian hieroglyphs (done)
2. Cardiology. The problem of pacemaker.
3. Molecular biology and Genetics. The problem of telomeres and telomerase.
4. Classical literature. Politeia(The Republic) by Plato and meanings of so called "marriage numbers" (done)
5. Noogenesis.
This is one of "mathist" paintings in a bedroom.
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