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Chimera of the American Dream (2006)
The idea of the painting and its details were discussed virtually with an American teenager from New Jersey named John. This boy from upper-middle-class family was sophisticatedly well-read and erudite, briefly, a nerd.
This oil painting is not a sort of caricature but rather impersonated collective stereotypes painted on canvas. Every detail of painting carries some symbolic meaning. For example, the discussion about the most important personalities who incarnate  the idea of the American Dream lasted for two or three hours. At last it was decided that there are only the two biggest American diamonds, unique and  extremely clear, their names are Bill Gates and Madonna, they are the most successful and the most brillant individuals and many people get jealous of them.
The United States of America is a prosperous democratic multiculrural country, consequently there are two types of attitude towards the country - the envy(or hate) and the respect (or love). This chimera represents the first type of attitude. The artist, being very sensitive, caught this hate 8 years ago, that is to say this painting becomes prophetic. Unfortunately, American society is a subject of condemnation and criticism in Russia and there are increasing anti-American sentiments spread by the propaganda of the Russian mass media.
(to be continued)
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