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In memory of my daddy and the great Luigi

Pirandello, a Sicilian who left to the humanity his inmost "Six Characters in Search of an Author"

       In memoria di mio babbo e il grande Luigi Pirandello, uno siciliano che ha lasciato alla umanita' il suo profondissimo "Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore"

Some pages of the Diary of Princess Myshkin, Idiot (I) (2003) (in Russian)


"Thus spake Lena Hades or, How to Philosophize with a Picture" (Diary of Princess Myshkin, Idiot (II)) (in English) ,
© 2014, Lena Hades. (Draft)
6 June 2014
Pushkin's 215th Anniversary
So She(Lena Hades and Princess Myshkin)  starts to write a book. It will be not a manuscript but computerscript and a on-line diary at the same time.It will be the new Ulysses, a stream-of-consciousness of someone who knows so much and want to pour one's knowledge into young reader's minds. She has so much information to compute, much like a full-up drive.
One fine day this book WILL be called the first on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 21st century, it is fatally inevitable. InEVITAble indeed, Evita help me! Exegi monumentum aere perennius, -- Horace is followed by Aleksandr Pushkin who "noticed us  And blessed us, gravebound", "us" means two human creatures -- Lena Hades, the real one, and Princess Myshkin, the invented one, a character created by the company of Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Lena Hades. 
7 June 2014
 "And the evening and the morning were the second day"
 LHPM starts a new painting titled "КРЫМ НАШ" "CRIMEA IS OURS ... and Aliaska is next" "and God saw that [it was] good" (God means the painting)
LHPM is not only Lena Hades Princess Myshkin, but also
Left Hand Piano Music. By chance LHPM come across LHPM site
where Left Hand Pianist Takeo Tchinai play Elegy in B minor by 
Leopold GODowsky. Elegy in Japanese language sounds
like "eregio" because the Japanese doesn't  know the sound "L".

レナ・ハデスはこう語った Rena Hadesu wa kō katatta


8 June 2014
Why did the author of this computerscript call herself Princess Myshkin?
Because her father was the good, open, frank, compassionate (and he is considered to be an idiot by people around him) Prince Myshkin and her mother was the evil Medea, granddaughter of the sun god Helios. Hesiod in his Theogony was wrong -- Medea didn't kill all her children. One of her daughtеrs could survive and escape from Hades, her death was only clinical and not legal, her name was Lena Hades -- Lena from Hades. And she knows all about Hades, death and other macabrities.
9 june 2014
"I am a writing machine. The last screw has been added. The thing flows. Between me and the machine there is no estrangement. I am the machine" -- this is not a simple stolen quote from Henry Miller's "Tropic of Cancer", this is a very effective mantra for all writers of the world, you must repeat it in the morning at least 49 times and it really works!
Then masterpieces are born so easily like the rising sun throws out the first ray of sunshine, one, two, three, four, five rays... One, two, three, four and five, I caught a fish alive! A gold fish, not a common one.
10 June 2014
We live in an unheroic age when everybody imitates something -- love, friendship, activities, a vivid interest. This is a fake reality in the midst of it we reside hiding yawns. Nowadays thank to the Internet 10 years old children know about so called adult life all, much more than their parents. They already know how to have sex (or f*ck, f*ck, f*ck) in One Thousand and One positions and how to effectively masturbate till the end of time when parents aren't home. Nobody loves nobody but everybody wants to be loved. To be loved means to be in a warm comfortable swamp and croak in satisfaction from time to time  "life is beautiful" to another croaker who sit in swamp beside.  Or not to be loved and being in the same warm swamp screaming "life is shit". That's the same, no difference.
11 June 2014.
Her Highness main task now is to think clearly in English and to catch the exact English word to every deep thought.
No deep thought can escape her, Princess Myshkin is a good shooter, she's a perfect sniper.
Princess Myshkin is also an implacable words rights fighter. Do you know why? Because all words have their rights to be understand correctly and truly and faithfully. For example Lhasa sounds more correctly Hlasa,
Tibetan word Hlasa means divine land, 'hla' is God in Tibetan, PM  can't understand why instead of Hlasa people say Lhasa. Hla-sa - "divine land". Hla-mo - "goddess". HLA-mo, this is also the abbreviation for Hades Lena Alekseevna, "mo" in Tibetan means "woman", Hades Lena Alekseevna is a woman indeed and her name is divine literally.
12 June 2014.
"Beautiful sins, like beautiful things, are the privilege of the rich", -- yes, Oscar, you are right. I'm drinking my morning coffee now and meditating on beautiful thoughts. Beautiful thoughts cost nothing and they are privilege of the poor. Beautiful thoughts of poor dreamers are absolutely indispensable for a social stability. Masses immersed in beautiful dreams are not inclined to do revolutions. One of the most beautiful dreams of the poor is the patriotism.
The nationalism ia also a sweet daydream bonbon, every poor that sucks it sees oneself beautiful and powerful and superior godlike.
"Superior godlike" ... All Nietzscheans of the world consider themselves superior goodlike too. Ridiculous. 
"Dem Wurme gleich ich, der den Staub durchwühlt 
Den, wie er sich im Staube nährend lebt,
Des Wandrers Tritt vernichtet and begräbt"
"I'm like the worm that burrows through the dust,
That in the dust in which it lived and fed,
Is crushed and buried by a wanderer's tread"
You, Nietzscheans, do you consider yourself more intelligent than Goethe's Faust who sold his soul to the Devil?
You, silly innocent pretenders, do you seriously think that your cheap souls are worthy of His highest attention?
But He has no time for shitty sales. He is interested only in luxury purchases of precious souls, cheap ones will be thrown
away into waste bins of Samsara.
By the way Lena Hades is not Nietzschean. She has created Thus spake Zarathustra cycle intending to reach her goal -
to learn Nietzsche's book Thus spake Zarathustra by heart. It was her caprice and a fulfilment of the Nietzsche's desire to be learnt by heart.  Because "he that writeth in blood and proverbs doth not want to be read, but learnt by heart". Two years of hard work and Princess Myskin's caprice finally was fulfilled. Nietzsche in Hades felt happy. Amen.
13 June 2014.
Full moon
It's strange but so called deep thoughts like to get into the weak body only. After a good workout it's impossible to write something wise.  As a matter of fact early to bed and early to rise makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy and stupid. A perfect body with a perfect face (uh-huh) and no thoughts in ... Princess is lazy to end the sentence.
14 June 2014
Nietzsche was a virgin.
"Nobody dies a virgin. Life fucks us all." --  said Kurt Cobain.
"My fear is fading fast
Been saving it all for you
'Cause only love can last" -- sings Madonna , every enamoured virgin intends to give all the blossom of his personality to his love and he feels crashed when his love rejects him. Nietzsche had been writing his great Zarathustra being in love with a close friends of his Lou Salome, he made to her a proposal 3 times and 3 times he was refused. On 3 January 1889, Nietzsche suffered a mental collapse, gone to a psychiatric hospital and died 11 years later.  It was not a   "astertiary syphilis" as the official story says it was a simple virginity. Men are often ashamed of their virginity. Great men are ashamed to be virgins in a particularly tragic way.
But it would be inexcusable unthinking to associate Nietzsche's philosophy with his supposed virginity. 
The young Nietzsche had a very tragic event that changed his inner world.
When Nietzsche was nearly 5 years old, his father, Karl Ludwig Nietzsche died from a brain ailment.
"Im September 1848 wurde plötzlich mein geliebter Vater krank. ... Ungeheure Schmerzen mußte mein geliebter Vater ertragen, aber die Krankheit wollte sich nicht vermindern sondern sie wuchs von Tag zu Tag. Endlich erlosch sogar sein Augenlicht und in ewigen Dunkel mußte er noch den Rest seiner Leiden erdulten"
"In September 1848 my beloved Vater suddenly became ill. He had to endure such a tremendous pain but his illness did not diminish and it became more and more serious. Finally he lost his eyesight and he had to endure the rest of his suffering in eternal darkness". The loss of a parent is a big tragedy for every child, the loss of the very loving parent is the fifth power of tragedy. Or the seventh, or the tenth... 
15 June 2014
"In the beginning was the Word"
Just the loss of his father could open the young Nietzsche's mind to philosophy and philology -- 
first to the philology.
Because "in the beginning was the Word". It is amazing but only very few persons among contemporary scientists thinks seriuosly about it. The scientific problem of the origin of human language on Earth is not still resolved but this problem is one the most interesting and the most important in contemporary sciences and in contemporary culture in general. This deepest scientific problem is not only strictly linguistic, it is the great noogenetic fundamental problem about the emergence of intelligent forms of life on Earth.      
One of the most trendy themes among linguists now is the Piraha language. This language of the smal isolated amazonian tribe has not any known connection to other living languages. This is a very interesting cultural phenomena. The Piraha culture does not know absolutely nothing  -- the Piraha people has not any creation myth, they know neither numbers nor names of colors.  They have a language with no past or future tense. It does mean
they literally live in the present.
This is a perfect example of the darwinism evolution theory and it clearly explains how far could primates go on the evolutionary ladder without any extraterrestrial intervention. By the way chimps and monkeys never develop Alzheimer's... What a good news for chimps and monkeys!
"Or they sit all day at swamps with angle-rods, and on that account think
themselves profound; but whoever fisheth where there are no fish,
I do not even call him superficial!"
On one side the research of the Piraha language is
the same thing as to fish where there are no fish. 
On another side nowadays we all are witnesses of 
the emergence of unintelligent forms of life on Earth.
And this new unintelligent forms of human life are better than 
the old ones so called intelligent.
Hunters and gatherers of the Piraha tribe must be the
first natural prophets of our New Unintelligent Age! Amen.
But seriuosly speaking all this deal with the Piraha language
seems unbelievable. Linguistically there is no language with
vocabulary, maybe tribe people use at same time
a whistle language completely untranslatable 
for those who can't transfer information by whistle.
This is Ultima Ratio Regum, 
the Last Argument of the Princess Myshkin.
16 June 2014
Artistocracy is a form of government in which power is in the hands of a small, privileged, ruling class of some artists. Real power, not only imaginary symbolic one. This neologism (semi-Greek word ἀρτιστοκρατία artistokratía derived from artist "artist," and κράτος kratos "power") was proposed by Lena Hades some years ago
and by the moment this word is not of common use because up to now the artists have not any real power -- artistocracy does not exist yet.
What do you know about the origin of the word "artist"? Surely nothing, even your Wikipedia holds its tongue timidly.
- Manifesto's Chapter "Mathism and Art" explains the origins of the words "art" and "artist".
12 noon.
HRH PM drinking Her Midday Tee, reading a beautiful catholic prayer:
... “Chi mangia di questo pane vivrà per sempre”, che la tua assicurazione “chi crede in Dio vivrà solo nella sua luce”. Aiutaci, Madonna della Notte, ad affidarci totalmente a Dio, perché Lui possa operare in noi. Amen
thinks about  "affidarci totalmente a Dio" - "Our Total Commitment to God". What does it mean in reality? As a rule God is taciturn. He knows all but keeps silent. How do a human creature commit his(her) way to the Lord if there's no teamwork, no interaction between them?
17 June 2014
About reading a Shakespeare's Sonnet to a random dog in the streets.
Dans notre monde règne l'illusion de compréhension -- on considére que chacun peut juger de tout, che chacun a 
une compétence et une capacité  à comprendre tout...
Somietimes a fervent desire to be understood  and to convey an important message looks like a declamation of a Shakespeare's Sonnet to a random hungry dog in the streets. Imagine yourself in the streets near a supermarket, in your hands you are holding a grocery bag full of fresh and healthy food, in your heart - an irresistible mad desire to speak about "lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds" with a living soul. Suddenly you see this soul in the elegiac eyes of a lonely mutt sitting on stairs. You begin to recite the Shakespeare's Sonnet seeking signs of understanding in the dog eyes, you find finally these signs but the dog jumping on you, snatches the bag out of your hands and runs away.
And what about "a desire to be understood
 and to convey an important message"?
The message was about belly buttons.
Do you notice there are only 2 types of belly buttons on Earth -
convex and concave? There are three major human races,
five fingers of the hand, 28 teeth in the mouth (plus 4 wisdom teeth)
and only 2 types of belly buttons! Why? This is one of the great
mysteries of XXIst century, the first century of the 3rd millennium.
Princess Myshkin will reveal it at the end of the novel.
On the photo the soldier Princess Myshkin is standing at attention, she
seems like the early Christian martyr Saint Sebastian, beautiful and vulnerable guy and the patron saint of the gay community. Please, check out your barracks door and be careful, Princess Myshkin has a loaded gun in her pockets and she shoots well, she is a perfect sniper.


18 June 2014


Love and hunger rule the world - said Friedrich Schiller, sex and empty paunch rule the animal world too, not only the human one. But if an individual has a lot of quality sex and a lot of quality food and all this absolutely free who is he(she)? (PM must think hard...)
HRH Princess Myshkin want to live in the world ruled by the love to the reason or "the capacity for consciously making sense of things, applying logic for establishing and verifying facts, and changing or justifying practices, institutions, and beliefs based on new or existing information" and bla-bla-bla -- shortly the only feature that 
distinguishes a human from an animal, or from a bird, an insect, a reptile etc is the capacity of the contemplating the reason of the reason - the Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. More correctly the eternal shine of the spotless mind, because the Sun is not a single star in the Universe.
19 June 2014
"Raise high the roof-beam, carpenters! Like Ares comes the bridegroom, taller far than a tall man".
Princess Myshkin awoke to find the streets covered in snow, in midst of summer! Or maybe she simply awoke in another night dream.  Do you know this exquisite joy to awaking in dreams successively like in fractals - falling asleep in one dream and waking up in another dream and to fall asleep again... It is soooooo fun to be in a Benoit Mandelbrot set literally! This is not a fiction, this is a simple reality of Princess Myshkin night dreams.
In these dreams she has her own palace with 30-35 foot high ceiling and very huge halls, she knows the "geography" of her palace by heart because she used to be there often since her early childhood days or more exactly -- since her early childhood nights.
More of her paintings she saw first in this palace nighttime.
Raise high the roof-beam, carpenters! Like Venus comes the bride, taller far than a tall woman... Princess Myshkin slighty corrected the epithalamium of Sappho -- Goddesses are as tall as Gods.
20 June 2014
Urbi et orbi -- about small and great people.
There are only two types of human beings on Earth - the small and the great, the medium size does not exist. You, small people, do not flatter yourself! This is a rude truth, you must learn to bear it.
The dimension of a human being depends on his(her) thoughts -- first on thoughts and next - on deeds.  All those who think only about "love and hunger" - sex and food - are small. You can be a billionaire, a president of a country, a king or a so called successful artist -- everybody -- if you think only about love and hunger most of the time you are small like a grain of sand on a big ocean shore. "Round, righteous, and kind they are to one another, like grains of sand are round, righteous and kind to one another" -- said Zarathustra.
Small people always worship something or someone greater than themselves  they think. Surely their "stars" are earthly, verily their celebrities have a better quality sex and a better quality food. That's all about the small people
worship, in reality they worship the good sex and the stuffed paunch. They do NOT see greatness in anybody because they are small. And what about great people. Who are they?
Princess Myshkin has her lunchtime now, as soon as she finished her lunch and her royal obligatory siesta, she will continue her preaching, sorry... her magnificent diaries.
20:08 PM
By the way the words "diary" and "diarrhea" sound queerly similar... They are pretty much two homophones.
But honestly Princess Myshkin's diary smells like a bed of roses, not like a chamber pot. 
"And in some perfumes is there less delight
Than in the breath that from my diaries reeks"  -- so Princess has slightly corrected the immortal Shakespeare's Sonnet Number 130.
Yes, this is exactly an unforgettable smell of the bed of roses during the War of the Roses. The bed of Richard III and Anne Neville, first the Princess of Wales and later Queen of England. She died at the Palace of Westminster on16 March 1485 during a total eclipse of the sun. It was rumoured that Richard III had poisoned her in order to marry his niece Elizabeth of York. The total solar eclipse was taken by some people to be an omen of her husband's fall from heaven's grace. King Richard III was killed at the battle of Bosworth 5 months later on 22 August 1485.
He was the last English king killed in battle. Kings, eclipses, battles, death... It's enough for today.
Princess thinks she'll go back to sleep. 
21 June 2014
June Solstice 2014 is at 6:51 AM today!
From early morning HRH plays with words. drinking her burning coffee with icy bananas (a simple royal dessert
served by three livery servants in a big gold dish looking like a big gold fish)
A perfect day for bananafish!
These are some of the Princess Myshkin's favorite anagrams:
hymen skin crisps, hymns pick sirens, nymphs skin cries, hymens pricks sins --
CRISP HYMENS SKIN! Like Ares comes the bridegroom, taller far than a tall man! - so sound the first words of a new rap song written by the Blessed Trinity -- Princess Myshkin, Jerome David Salinger and Sappho.
(Like Ares comes the bridegroom,
taller far than a tall man)
hymns pick sirens
sirens sirens sirens
sirens sirens sirens
oh oh oh yeah yeah
Is now the feeling is the same
hymns pick sirens
So I tell you,
Princess Myshkin,
you know what this song is about
hymens pricks sins
sins sins sins
sins sins sins
oh yeah yeah
Shawty got gifts, gifts
Shawty got gifts, gifts
hymen skin crisps
crisps, crisps, crisps
hymen skin crisps
crisps, crisps, crisps
oh oh oh yeah yeah 
I think I fell in love with a
click, click, click, click
and so on... Princess was very impressed by the word "shawty", thank you Ray J, she likes rap songs, but honestly she can't write any decent rap as perfect as you can do it
51 minutes ago the Glorious Lady of Princess Myshkin's mind ("la gloriosa donna della mente della Principessa Myshkin") posed a question to the huge digital ocean "Why did Eve listen to the snake?"
Princess esitated just for a moment and thrown into the ocean a hokku:
Why did Eve listen to the snake?
Cause Eve was naive,
Snake was fake
The real snake is only this one that was painted on the painting "Eagle and Snake"
"An eagle swept through the air in wide circles, and on it hung a serpent, not like a prey, but like a friend: for it kept itself coiled round the eagle's neck". These are the snake of Wisdom and the eagle of Will, the higher the eagle rises, the stronger does the snake embrace the eagle's neck - every wisdom is acrophobic, it fears of big heights. And the wisdom also fears of big depths.Yes, this is the only real snake, other snakes are chimeriс, as well as the biblical one.
Thus spake Lena Hades (and she hates this her writing style)
Pero scherzi a parte.
Seriously, it's amazing:
these are three anagrams of "princess lena myshkin" -- chimera "spy mens links" or chimera "sly mens pinks" or chimera "sly minks pens", aren't they absolutely gorgeous? The last one would be the Princess Myshkin's coat of arms. She definitely loves it. If a mink escapes impending death at a fur farm and becomes free,  he(she) should write a book about it! It's better to be shot dead in a forest than being killed in a cage. Freedom is all we need.
17:00 PM
Nothing to say.
Lena Hades Princess Myshkin is making now her new painting.
22 June 2014
Anima gemella.
Anima gemella is what we need. We all - smal and great, princes and paupers, humans and animals and birds.
Every one of us needs THE real and not a false friend. It's trivial.
All those who write diaries are alone. Not physically surely.
One can have a big circle of acquaintances and so called friends, one can be very open and have a developed sense of humor and be very alone at the same time.  The small people are usually very ashamed of their loneliness even if they have a very big circle of friends and relatives. But there are some people who are thirsty in the sea, they are in the midst of waters saulted with prejudices, commonplaces and stereotypes, they need a clear water of truth in order not to die of thirst,  Briefly they need "anima gemella" -- "twin soul" -- "soul mate" - someone who is also suffering this thirst. 
But honestly this fervent seeking one's alter ego is meaningless. Probably his seeking derives from a simple fear of death.
23 June 2014
Holy spirit
The only one real holly spirit on Earth is The Holy Teen Spirit. Beati quelli che sono rimasti adolescenti di spirito per tutta la vita. Blessed those who could keep the teen spirit for all their lives.
To be a lifelong teen means to be able to fight with the whole world in order to defend the truth against the lies and compromises of so called adult world. Eternal teens appreciate truth more than convenience of a life full of compromises. The Holy Teen Hate is a dangerous weapon in the Holy Battle of Truth against Lies. 
All teens are rebel but the eternal teens those who are already not young (but still badass rebel), they are veterans experienced in truth battles, old birds are not to be caught with chaff of taradiddle. All riot is holy. In nomine teen spiritus sancti. Or in nomine spiritus iuveni, the same.  Amen. 
Also sprach Lena Hades.
16:02 PM
Princess thinks hard about some anagrams of the phrase  "the box a dick comes in"( by the way "dick" means detective, it's not what are you thinking about)
monks exhibited coca,
back coexisted on him,
conk exhibited comas  -- every word play is a real world play, when the world comes into being from a simple permutation of letters
19:19 PM
Three anagrams of the title of the British national anthem GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
haven quotes edge,
he even quotes gad,
eve hanged quotes,
the third one sounds merely perfect!
Anagrams of Prince Harry:
Captain Harry Wales - lancer air pathways, a warranty each lips, chapel is a warranty, see caliph warranty;
Prince Henry of Wales - hyperfine crown's ale, one crawls hyperfine, screenplay if-when-or, hyperfine crown seal; 
Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales - sacrificers wealth nerved land hyperbola;
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge - ferromagnetic scud hides beach, bifurcations schemed each dreg, 
It's so amazing how combination of letters can transform an unclear set of letters in a word with its signification,
sometimes in a living human being!
There is extremely beautiful and extremely capacious word in Sanskrit language:
durodara, it means 1, game at dice 2.dice 3. gamer at dice --
using terms of Western culture the word durodara means 1. creator 2. creation 3. creature -- all in one!
This word means also door-opener, it really opens doors of your сonsciousness if you start thinking about it intensively. It's useless to look up the word "durodara" in a dictionary or in Wikipedia. Lena Hades has been studying Sanskrit for two years, later she made some small discoveries in Ancient Indian culture.
The term durodara is one of her discoveries.
24 June 2014
 Oh Lord
01:22  AM
It's known that Sanskrit is the Mother of all Indo-European languages. For example English word "father", Greek - "patêr",German - "Vater", Latin - "pater" -- all these words were derived from the Sanskrit word "pitr" पितृ.
The English word daughter derives from the Sanskrit word दुहितृ duhitr etc.
The Russian word 'gospodi" (God) was derived from "gos-padaगोष्पद, it means "mark of a cow's foot in the soil", more exactly 'mark of the heavenly cow's foot on the Earth", don't forget that the name of our Galaxy is the Milky Way...  Stars(all and unspecified) on Sanscrit are called  "go" गो, "go" is a multivalued word, it also means "cow" and "milk". Probably the English word God derives from the Sanskrit word गोदुह् goduh - it means cowherd and cow-milker. It comes out that God is Someone who herds and milks the "Cow of Heaven"!
That's not all. The first letter "a" of the Sanskrit writing system  (Classic, not Modern)  brings to mind a cow udder with four teats. Drinking the "heaven milk" sucking teats of  the Heaven          Cow means to receive knowledge
15:07 PM
Sanskrit is a language "that had been developed especially to formulate logical relations with scientific precision"
17:27 PM
Desperately seeking...S***n!
苏珊 this is her beautiful name in Chinese, it sounds like Sūshān, Originally this name signified "lotus flower", but lotus flower in Chinese is Liánhuā 蓮花,
so the exact phrase "desperately seeking Susan" may sound in Chinese language in this way -- Wǒ yào zhǎo Liánhuā 要找this is so extremely beautiful, isn't it?
18:18 PM
In point of fact the statement "I possess English (or Sanskrit, or French, or Russian etc) language" is incorrect.  In reality these are not we who possess a language but the language itself possesses us. Every human language is a something that lives and dies like living beings used to do and its life duration exceeds the human one.
25 June 2014
15:10 PM
Yes, these are not we who possess a language but the language itself possesses us! All those who deal with words - writers, poets, philosophers, singers etc perfectly know this state of mind when a word behaves like an unstable and capricious baby screaming so stridently that all thing stops and doesn't flow anymore. It is not easy deal with words.
16: 27 PM
Heart matters
"When your heart beats next to mine"


In Ancient Egypt it was considered that the human intelligence is in the heart and not in the brain. The Egyptians were perfectly right - only the heart can see the invisible to the eyes. The life itself starts in the heart -- the heart has some cells called pacemaker cells they create rythmical impulses. The first phase of the heartbeat or more exactly the first systole is the real beginning of life.  At the moment nobody among physiologists precisely knows how many cells initiate the first impulse - a group of cells or one single cell. Some  physiologists think this is the only cell that produces the first  heart contraction. Do you understand the greatness of this fact? One single cell initiates the first heart beat! It sparks the life itself!
But what about intelligence? Princess Myshkin is sure to be intelligent means to have the courage to follow one's own heart. The heart knows all.
26 June 2014
A midsummer night's dream
Living between Apollo and Dionysuss
.... two Nietzsche's notions...Apollonian -- structure and form ....
 and Dionysian - vital energy
the balance of the Apollonian and Dionysian,
Apollo and Dionysus
compared with two Christian concepts of God and Devil,
the life as a balance between Good and Evil
etc etc (not finished yet) 
16:36 PM
Honestly HRH Princess Myshkin is too lazy to finish her great essay about Apollo and Dionysus.
Look here, she will tell you a dirty barracks joke.
A captain halted a corporal and asked why his stripes were not on his sleeves.
He replied - it hurt my nose when i wiped it...
Another one
Three ladies were talking. One lady says "I got stung by a honey bee and my whole hand swelled up". Second lady says "I got stung by a bumble bee and my whole arm swelled up". Third one says "That's nonsense, I once got stung by a Seabee (Civil Engineer Corps of the US Navy) and my whole belly swelled up".
Ladies, be careful with the bees!
22:09 PM
अग्रकर agrakara "first ray" of Creation, 
HRH PM doesn't like the modern version of Sanskrit language, it removed the beautiful letter "a" that looks like a cow udder with four teats, it's a real tragedy leading to misunderstanding on the word origin of the agrakara (painting #5)
27 June 2014
8:53 AM
Nabokov is great. To be capable to write a big good novel in English having Russian as his mother language is worthy of any admiration. He was a great poet too --
Пусть будет снова май, пусть небо вновь синеет. Раскрыты окна в сад. На кресло, на паркет. широкой полосой янтарный льется свет, и дивной свежестью весенний воздух веет...
But his Lolita is horrible! Not because of a pedophile theme but because of badly described Lolita's character. Nabokov never had a real relationship with a teenage girl, that's why he didn't know what such a hell every girl-teenager has inside. Lolita's character turned out unconvincing and shallow... This is his worst novel without any doubt. Well written bad novel.
10:34 AM
To interbreed ancient Greek drama and philosophy, Egyptology, Sanskrit sacred texts, English and American literatures, Mathematics and Linguistics with barrack jokes and holy rap is one of Lena Hades' life goals. It will be really fabulously to inspire rap singers to rap in Sanskrit or in Ancient Greek! Seriously.
Wikipedia says:
"The word τραγῳδία (tragoidia), from which the word "tragedy" is derived, is a compound of two Greek words: τράγος (tragos) or "goat" and ᾠδή (ode) meaning "song", from ἀείδειν (aeidein), "to sing".[1] This etymology indicates a link with the practices of the ancient Dionysian cults. It is impossible, however, to know with certainty how these fertility rituals became the basis for tragedy and comedy". This is an erroneous explanation.
Lena Hades must explain the origin of the word "tragoidia" (Wikipedia editors, please, correct your Wiki article!).
1.The etymology indicates a link with the practices of some Orphic cults!!! This is too bad not to know about it, dear Wikipedia writers! Look here, Hades may explain the etymology perfectly.
In British Museum there are some gold Orphic-Pythagorean tablets (or the funerary gold plates). The text in Ancient Greek you can see here (painting #11). This is a ritual text for the Afterlife. "Who are you? Where are you from? I am a son (on the painting - "daughter") of Earth and Starry Sky. But my gender is only from starry sky", 
the texts on these gold tablets are not equal, on some tablets there are words about a goatling who will drink the milk of starry sky's mother goat, every deceased Orphic (or a Pythagorean, that's the same) was identified as this goatling who has a great thirst for heaven milk (as someone who has a thirst for knowledge). In this way "song of a goat" or "tragoidia" means a message received from the heaven goat.
28 June 2014
"Die another day" 
10:10 AM
DAD is impeccable perfect thing. Seriously.
Maybe this is the best music video ever made. Dichotomy battle, ideal body, faultless choreography, words of song -- all is great. Great and inspiring.
16:05 PM
5 things you need to know today: June 28, 2014
1. PM says 28 is so called perfect number. In mathematics the perfect number means a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its proper positive divisors, that is, the sum of its positive divisors excluding the number itself. 28 = 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14. 
2. Difference between recreational mathematics and mathematics as a science. For example in Russian contemporary art practically nobody knows about it. Russian contemporary artists can't distinguish a number from a numerical digit, the single word they can write without grammatical errors is the word "хуй" - "dick". They write this word everywhere -
on fences, bridges, paintings. Russian art critics and curators also love this word, they often give art awards to artists painted "хуй" in a public place. This is the Lenin peak of creative Russian thought.
3. PM means "post meridiem" and Princess Myshkin in the same time. What a joy!
4. Hui is a Chinese ethnic group (Chinese Muslims), or briefly Hui people. Hui is also a Chinese term referring to a secret brotherhood. But underdeveloped Russian artists don't know about it. What a sorrow!
5. That's all. 
23:22 PM
When it rains, the thing doesn't flow. This is the principle of communicating vessels in action - all heavenly waters fall
on the ground and nothing remains for a writer, (s)he sits alone and abandoned by heaven...
29 June 2014
God was cowboy!
"Probably the English word God derives from the Sanskrit word गोदुह् goduh - it means cowherd and cow-milker", 
(a quote from the Princess Myhkin Diary)
That's the reason why America is a God-blessed country. No irony, seriously.
13:05 PM
“When good Americans die, they go to Paris,” and "Where do bad Americans go?They stay in America” -- said Oscar Wilde, Lena Hades has a bit corrected the great British (of Irish origin) writer --
"When good Frenchies die, they go to New York" and "Where do bad Frenchies go? They stay in France(plus précisément à Marseille où presque il n'y a pas des Français ethniques)"
By the way the Latin name of Marseille is Massilia."The city of Massia" if you try to translate it from from Hades dialect of Latin to English. Massia is the beloved Lena Hades' cat, his second name was Maahes, he was the son of the feline Ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet or goddess Bast, that's the same. Pero basta con Bast! The Ancient Egyptian God number One is Amun - Amon - Amen. He (or more exactly IT) is the most important because Amon is the first.
30 June 2014
10:04 AM
Etymology of the word "amen".
(Dear Wikipedia editors, rewrite please your article about the etymology of the word God, you have written a bad article, the word God is derived from the Sanskrit word गोदुह् goduh! The Lena Hades' explanation is the only true etymology of the word, the most clear and the most correct)
1 July 2014
Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge (he was a great nerd!) said in The Egyptian Book of the Dead (translated by him) that "the name  "amen" means "the hidden one", "Amen was the chief god of Thebes"
- the theme will be continued later 
Princess Myshkin wants to play now and not to immerse herself in divine things.
The anagram of Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge is "straightforward businessmen peel doll"
Princess thinks she'll go back to sleep. 
2 July 2014
Riddle raped in a mistery inside an enigma...
Or better --
riddle raped in a mistery inside an enigma.
Princess hates using suspension points, she hates suspension points, she hates suspension.
And she loves you, her readers. 
13:03 PM
~comprendre la vérité des coeurs purs~
Only the jackal-headed god Anubis was able to comprehend "the truth of a pure heart", he was a "psychopomp"
("guide of souls" in Ancient Greek) and also he weighed the heart of every deceased person against the feather of truth Ma'at (the hieroglyph "Amen" has the feather Ma'at in its depiction). The weighing the heart was the most important test, if the heart is lighter than the feather the dead will survive and continue to go into the next world, if it is heavier then (s)he will be eaten by the the chimeric monster who stays on the right side. This chimera is part-lion, part-hippopotamus and part-crocodile. The Ancient Egyptian Ma'at, the Buddhist Dharma, the Chinese Dao is the same thing. This is a heavenly law and nobody on Earth knows what does this word precisely mean.
13:11 PM
But what a glorious summer day!  
The winter of our discontent is over --
Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of
(New -)York (plus suspension points)
15:09 PM
"The origin of Sanskrit is a 6,000-year-old language..."
"the four languages (Sanskrit, Latin, Persian and Greek) belong to one family, whose source is a language that is still undiscovered..." This is the most recent news, it was published some hours ago.
17:40 PM
It's so amazing the anagram of the Shakespeare's play title "Richard the Third" -- hatch third rider!
Princess already sees a huge semitransparent egg and a pyramid of riders inside, one rider above another, the biggest rider with thunder and lightning in hand sits on the snow-white winged horse, its name is Pegasus. Pegasus is the the fastest creature in the world. The ordinary people call it mythological creature but all poets and writers on Earth know that it is real!  The lightning in rider's hand is the thought itself and there is nothing more faster in the whole Universe than the thought - all poets and writers know it perfectly. The lightning-thought hits the egg shell ...and "Another minute - and my verse will freely flow"- said Russian poet Pushkin. So Richard the Third, hatch third rider!
23:19 PM
 "I would only believe in a god who could dance"
3 July, 2014
7:03 AM
Sanskrit word मातृका matrka means
1.any alphabet
2. mother, grandmother, nurse
3. divine mother
4. mystic character


मातृकामय matrkamaya can be translated like "consisting of mystic characters", माया Maya means "a fraud" or "an illusion", "illusion" sounds decidedly better than "fraud".
मात्रिक  matrika signifies "all", मात्रिका matrikA (long vowel "a") means "model", "matrix"
Shortly the matrix uses an alphabet(matrka) in order to translate every thought into words.The alphabet is something that can reduce and boll down the Dionysian element of our thoughts and transform them into words.
11:41 AM
Now Nietzsche dances through Princess Myshkin on the feet of chance - she is making a new painting titled 
"Kultur ist nur ein dünnes Apfelhäutchen über einem glühenden Chaos"
"Culture is only a thin apple peel over a glowing chaos". It will be a masterpiece
17:34 PM
There is something divine in every dance, but the goddess of luck Tyche dances only with those who are already on the dance floor. "I would only believe in a god who could dance", said Nietzsche. "As for me", replied Hades, "I would only believe in a goddess who could dance and sing!" 
22:22 PM
Princess bought whiskey Mark Twain (it's no product placement). HRH is going to write a great novel, something fascinating like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, her favorite novels in her childhood days. Whiskey drinkin' Princess "and she sure ain't drinkin' tea"
4 July 2014
Durodara principle is strictly solipsistic. Or more exactly the whole solipsism as a philosophical theory is based on the durodara concept. "Solum Ipsum" -- this Latin phrase can be translated as "alone myself".
12:58 PM
"With Valour to the Stars - Virtute Siderum Tenus" - the motto of the Fleet Patrol Ship Aviere,
a beautiful motto indeed, but it is well to remember from time to time that war is a bad thing. The valiant General William Tecumseh Sherman whose name is the name of a giant sequoia tree growing in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park, said «There’s many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory but, boys, it is all hell» 
16:32 PM
Lena Hades must speak out clearly about contemporary Indian mystics, guru and spiritual teachers and clarify her personal position regarding Indian spiritual schools. This is very important.
There are (and there were in the past) 4(four) castes (more exactly four "varnas", वर्ण varna means "colour"(it means "tribe" also), all varnas have its own colour, for example Brahmins colour is white,
Brahmins - priests, artists, teachers, technicians class, all those who possess the knowledge,
Brahma signifies the creative aspect of the Universe;
Kshatriyas - soldiers and nobles, Buddha Siddhārtha Gautama was from this varna; it is considered that Kshatriyas possess the valour;
Vaishyas - farmers,merchants and craftspeople; the Vaishyas possess money;
Shudras - servants and labors, their domain is ground, they digging and ploughing it.
The mystical knowledge or in Sanskrit  रहस्य rahasya "deep mystery" is possessed exclusively by Brahmins, they must keep this knowledge रहस्यम् rahasyam - "in secret", because they are rahasyavid रहस्यविद्,  rahasyavid signifies "one who knows". Nobody of contemporary Indian mystics, guru and spiritual teachers are from the Brahmins caste.
Because it is definitely forbidden by Brahmins to spread the knowledge among non-Brahmins.
But this knowledge is available all the same, if someone is eager to get the knowledge, one may read untranslated Ancient texts on one's own. Knowledge is power!
For example the genial Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (Brahmin by the origin) was autodidact, he made extraordinary contributions to mathematical analysis and number theory. He was really rahasyavid.
22:28 PM
"Pace non trovo, et non ò da far guerra;
e temo, et spero; et ardo, et son un ghiaccio;
et volo sopra ’l cielo, et giaccio in terra;
et nulla stringo, et tutto ’l mondo abbraccio".
"I find no peace, and yet I make no war:
and fear, and hope: and burn, and I am ice:
and fly above the sky, and fall to earth,
and clutch at nothing, and embrace the world", 
this is Petrarch,"The Canzoniere"(Translated by A. S. Kline)
"Tell the leaves not to turn,
But don't ever tell me I'll learn, no, no,
Take the black off a crow
But don't tell me I have to go",
this is Madonna, "Don't Tell Me", 
honestly there is no difference between poetic qualities of these lines, this is a high poetry in both cases, because of its beauty. Oscar Wilde ("the mixture of Apollo and monster") said "Those who see any difference between soul and body have neither", Lena Hades (the mixture of Dionysus and nun) replied 
"Those who see any difference between high and pop culture have neither".
23:55 PM
"America, sweet America,
You know, God done shed his grace on thee,
He crowned thy good, yes he did, with brotherhood,
From sea to shining sea.
You know, I wish I had somebody to help me sing this", sings Ray Charles.
The Independence Day.
5 July 2014
The word pyramid derives from Greek πυραμίς pyramis, πυρα pyra means "fire".
Sanskrit word sahamarana सहमरण signifies "dying together". This horrible practice called also "sati","widow burning", when widowed woman burns herself with the husband's corpse on the husband's funeral pyre, is considered to be voluntary. There are two types of sati - sahamarana "dying together" and anumarana "dying after". Anumarana अनुमरण was practiced usually by the non-Brahmin widowed wives. Brahmin women were permitted only sahamarana. During anumarana practice the widow resolves to take away her life and immolated herself with husband's ashes. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust". This monstrous rite regards the widow as a subject, an ash, a dust, but not a human being.,Let's be honest - all this is NOT a self-immolation! The unhappy Indian widow was forced to burn herself. Forced! Forced by relatives, by stupid customs,  by the whole patriarchal society.
Sati practice is not a ritual suicide, this is a dreadful homicide. Although sati was officially outlawed in 1829, the horrible rite persists...
Stop the Earth - Lena Hades wants to get off.
12:15 PM
is a Platonic solid representing the golden section in the space.
13:41 PM
Lena Hades is "the mixture of Dionysus and nun".
2. Nun is a double-gender Ancient Egyptian god, Nunet is his female aspect, which is the name Nu with a female gender ending and Nun is his male aspect, written with a male gender ending.
Nun’s name means “primeval waters,” "abyss" and s(he) represented the waters of chaos out of which Amon began creation. 
20:50 PM
Nietzsche in disguise
"You look like an Angel
Walk like an Angel
Talk like an Angel
But I got wise"
You're Nietzsche in disguise
Oh yes you are, Nietzsche in disguise
21:56 PM
"One must stop being eaten when one tastes best: those who want to be long loved know this."
22:08 PM
It's a new work, it's a new life.
23:48 PM
Russian contemporary art is a common bullshit,
except Lena Hades
(a very deep aphorism written especially for Russian artists stalking LH)
and not only Russian art it is so
6 July 2014
8:48 AM
8:55 AM
But Shakespeare really matters.
Listen here -
"First Murderer
So when he opens his purse to give us our reward,thy conscience flies out.
Second Murderer
Let it go; there's few or none will entertain it.
First Murderer
How if it come to thee again?
Second Murderer
I'll not meddle with it: it is a dangerous thing: it
makes a man a coward: a man cannot steal, but it
accuseth him; he cannot swear, but it cheques him;
he cannot lie with his neighbour's wife, but it
detects him: 'tis a blushing shamefast spirit that
mutinies in a man's bosom; it fills one full of
obstacles: it made me once restore a purse of gold
that I found; it beggars any man that keeps it: it
is turned out of all towns and cities for a
dangerous thing; and every man that means to live
well endeavours to trust to himself and to live
without it" beggars any man that keeps it...........
and this is holy anagram for you
ranking sympathies bet at gate
By the way Ancient Greece didn't know the word "conscience", instead of it there was the word "valour" --
Ανδρεία σωφροσύνης αιρετωτέρα  (Αριστοτέλης) 
Valour is better than prudence (Aristotle)
15:51 PM
"I take thee at thy word:
Call me but love, and I'll be new baptized;
Henceforth I never will be Romeo"
15:55 PM
"The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars,
As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven
Would through the airy region stream so bright
That birds would sing and think it were not night"
Romeo and Juliette by Lena Hades
(2006, western Ukraine, city Truskavets)
16:35 PM
Lena Hades' self portrait
If ever a breath hath come to me of the creative breath, and of the heavenly necessity which compelleth even chances to dance star-dances... (Thus spake Zarathustra by Nietzsche)
7 July 2014
9:34 PM
"Tir'd with all these, for restful death I cry, 
As, to behold desert a beggar born, 
And needy nothing trimm'd in jollity, 
And purest faith unhappily forsworn, 
And guilded honour shamefully misplaced, 
And maiden virtue rudely strumpeted, 
And right perfection wrongfully disgraced,
And strength by limping sway disabled, 
And art made tongue-tied by authority, 
And folly (doctor-like) controlling skill, 
And simple truth miscall'd simplicity, 
And captive good attending captain ill..."
these are the best lines in the world poetry, the most true, the most beautiful, the most sad,
the skulls by Lena Hades have been declaiming the sonnet 66 already for 19 years, time flies.
12:49 PM
For pigеons and sparrows a human being giving them food looks like a god. At least pigeons-poets and sparrows-poets think so, the rest of birds treats every human food giver like a pizza man.
Matthew said (6:26) "Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them". In reality big birds in sky kill small birds to eat them and small birds kill insects to eat them too, this is not their "heavenly father" that feeds them but their hunger finds their prey or poetically -- their Will-to-live gives wings to their stomach. Every romantic bird that flies in sky in hope to be fed by heavenly father (as the Bibble says) risks starving to death and to fall to the ground without forces.
15:28 PM
To be ridiculous hurts a bit, but for an intelligent (wo)man better to be ridiculous than boring and shallow.
16:22 PM
There is a beautiful fairy tale of Gianni Rodari entitled "La strada che non andava in nessun posto"-"The Road that Went Nowhere". This tale tells the story of a boy whose name was Martino Testadura ("testadura" means "very persistent", literally  "hard-headed"), this boy Martin the Heardhead was very eager to know if the way that all people said that it went nowhere really went nowhere. Martin the Heardhead (quite Lionheart! the noble Lions are curious too) was very stubborn and one fine day he took that way.
He walked very long time and finally he arrived at a wonderful castle, enhabitated by a very beautiful and very rich woman. She asked him to enter and take away whatever he wanted -- magnificent jewelry, precious diamonds and so on .. Martin took the award and came back to home. The people of his village thought he was dead, but when they saw him, they were very glad and envious at the same time and they asked him where he found all those precious things. He told them his story again and again, and every time he repeated the story, someone took the "Road that Went Nowhere" leading to the castle...  But in vain! Everyone who walked that road came back very upset and angry, because the road was interrupted with something unpleasant like a wall of trees or a yawner...
It happened because the best events and the best things of the world exist only for those who take the first step on a new road and for those who can keep persistence, and Martin the Heardhead was the very first!  
So, if someone tells you that a road is useless and leads nowhere, it's apparently because it is a new road.
19:25 PM
Lena Nietzsche
or someone of this kind
19:33 PM
By the way Sanskrit word buddha बुद्ध means "one who knows", "enlightened" or "illuminatus". There are many buddhas not only Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha. Lena Hades is one of them. She is buddha too.
The third name of hers she heard in her night dream (24.05.2000) was Alice-Esther Tian Zang Ming. She wrote a book signed by the same name  four years later. This name is not her pseudonym, this is exactly her night-dream-name.
In that night dream Lena Hades saw a huge head of a Chinese, the head told her that her new name Alice-Esther Tian Zang Ming meant "buddha-opener".
21:01 PM
It would be great to live till the year 2101. To be 141 years old without suffering something horrible and being in good health, just saying.
21:28 PM
But to live till the year 2128 seems already slightly incredible.
21:33 PM
To have serious vision problems seems to be not so dreadful because one can focus on inner beauty of others. It remains only to find this inner beauty. Or to learn to see the inner beauty being semi-blind or totally blind. To see something totally chimeric that doesn't exist.
8 July 2014
00;01 AM
It's a new day, it's a new life
but problems remain always old, dear romantic bird, eager to be fed by your heavenly Father.
00:34 AM
"Padre nostro che sei nei Cieli dammi la mia mostra se non quotidiana pero al meno mensile. Amen" e' la preghiera di Lena Hades che si ripeta da lei gia da 20 anni. Ma il Padre risulta "deaf in both ears" - completamente sordo da entrambe le orecchie. Che peccato pero.
00:41 AM
To bed or not to bed that is the question.
07:26 AM
Late to bed, early to rise makes a woman mad and unwise
07:39 AM
This is a graphic work dedicated to a German masonic tomb. Lena Hades saw this tomb in Cologne, in 1995. It happened  exactly the 22nd March 1995, her father's birthday. 
"This day in history for the 22nd of March" was magnificent. The artist started her skull work series
The inscription on the tomb was very short, there was no surname, only the names and a few tearing-soul words:
"Tröste den der trostlos war. Hier wartet auf ein Wiedersehen 
unser ganzes Erdenglück
unser einziges sonniges Kind
geboren 12 Oktober 1921, gestorben 11 July 1943
aaach Nun sind wir vereint
Otto 1889-1957
Käthe 1896-1883"
The first skull of the skull series was made exactly 22nd March 1995. It was made in love.
11;59 AM
"Her death has all the pathetic uselessness of martyrdom" - this is about Sybil Vane, Oscar Wilde is brilliant and not only at breakfast, a short word play, just saying
12:00 Noon
In the matter of fact Friedrich Nietzsche's concept of the übermensch, translated "overman" or "superman" refers to a woman, not to a man, 125 years ago Nietzsche didn't know about it or more precisely he started thinking about it but he had no time to write it down.
12:29 PM
Yes, this is the greatest grief for all Nietzscheans of the world to get to know one fine day this shining truth "Overman is Überfrau" -- Superwoman. And at the present time there are at least a dozen of Superwomen on Earth. The real Superwomen.
13:04 PM
The symbolic drawing on the skull forehead was accurately copied from the Otto-Käthe-Irene Tomb, this is not an artistic fantasy fruit or something like this made on paper, but exactly a tomb drawing copied from the tomb at Cologne.
It represented a fliying bird(Horus), an eye(...) and the letter D(Deutschland).
15:40 PM
"But how seldom is the naive that complete absorption in the beauty of appearance attained!"
(The birth of tragedy, or Hellenism and pessimism) 
A beautiful quote. Thanks to it a new euphemism for the word "fool" (stupid, imbecile, IDIOT) was born.
Henceforth the word "idiot" will sound like "completely absorbed in the beauty of apperance". Sorry,  "completely absorbed by the beauty of apperance" -- it sounds decidedly better! Honestly a foreigner who is writing a novel in English is a squirt, an idiot, "completely absorbed by the beauty of apperance".
17:38 PM
Arrogance, impudence, immodesty, these are the best human qualities. Especially immodesty, lack of modesty.
Only those boast of their modesty who have no other virtues. By the way to "boast of one's modesty" means to be modestly immodest,  but modest people don't give a damn what is it, idiots... oh, sorry, not idiots, only "completely absorbed by the beauty of apperance" individuals.
21:40 PM
Arrogant, impudent, immodest, shameless, these words mean exactly the same as the word "courageous". If we decribe ourselves, we fix on the word courageous, if we try to describe others, we call them arrogant and impudent,  
love for self comes first.
23:59 PM
How the Steel Was Tempered By The Catcher In Rye
9 July 2014
8:08 AM
“Who wants flowers when you're dead? Nobody.” 
Pavel (Pavka) Korchagin and Holden Caulfield, how different they are.
One is a positive Soviet hero ("blind cretin Pavka Korchagin can excite only a very simple proletarian", the author of this angry sentence is unknown, but it's well said), another is a Holy Teen Hate personified. Russian Pavka is a product of Soviet propaganda. American Holden is a product of a free mind.
14:14 PM
A mathematical formula of The Russian Enigmatic Soul exists!
It was found by the brave Lena Hades in 1999, she created the painting entitled Welcome to Russia. Hades is brave indeed simply because The Russian Enigmatic Soul fears to be revealed and becomes very aggressive when someone tries to touch this riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. This monster begins to curse, to spits up bile and tries to make a criminal charge against that person who dared to tell the truth about it.
On the painting you can see this text: "Fuck off you dirty assholes faggots" and "O Lord Jesus Crist have mercy upon us miserable sinners", because almost every Russian lives "between the curse and the prayer", it means he makes the sign of the cross with the right hand and steals with the left one.
16:45 PM
The Importance of Being Nothing (or a Great Loser)
18:28 PM
Henceforth all new entries of the Diary will be written only on paper.
Thank you for your attention, dear readers!
19:58 PM
Thinking about the artist' night-dream-name heard in night dream seen 14 years ago.
("The third name of hers she heard in her night dream (24.05.2000) was Alice-Esther Tian Zang Ming. She wrote abook signed by the same name  four years later. This name is not her pseudonym, this is exactly her night-dream-name.In that night dream Lena Hades saw a huge head of a Chinese, the head told her that her new name Alice-Esther Tian Zang Ming meant "buddha-opener".)
Lena Hades didn't see the Chiinese hieroglyphs (中国文字) of her heard name and as soon as she woke up she had chosen them in a dictionary by herself -- 天藏名 
天葬名 tian zang ming "burial name"
天藏名 tian zang ming "heavenly Tibet" name
葬名    zang ming "burial name"
天 tian "heaven", "day"
Сonsidering the fact that her name has had two parts - Alice-Esther and Tian Zang Ming and summing up all written above,  Lena Hades arrives to the following conclusion: her real(!) night dream name can be translated literally "burial name Alice-Esther". A bit sadly, but nothing to do. At least its meaning "buddha-opener" gives a hope.
This is the last entry in this page.
Lena Hades is slightly exhausted.
10 July 2014
12;21 PM
"I can't stop loving you", screams Van Halen.
I can't stop loving you, dear diary! soundlessly yells Lena Hades
So, dear diary, you will be continued.
Do you know, what the word "hades" mean?  It means UNSEEN, something that has no image!
"Can something that has no image appear as an image? (Mozhet li mereshchit'sia v obraze to, chto ne imeet obraza?)", asked Fiodor Dostoevskii in his "Idiot". Yes, it can! This is Lena Hades, replied Lena Hades.
Lena Unseen.
13:54 PM
"It is not easy to keep the child soul in a body of a grown up.."
No, it's easy. It's the same as to be "Ugly Duckling" from the Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale.
To be such "a romantic bird" waiting for swans.
 ""Poor little ugly duckling!" she would say. "Why are you so different from the others?" And the ugly duckling felt worse than ever. He secretly wept at night. He felt nobody wanted him."
"And the ugly duckling felt worse than ever. He secretly wept at night. He felt nobody wanted him" Let's rewrite these depressive lines!
Now they sound in this way: 
And the ugly duckling felt better than ever. He secretly laughed at night. He felt he wanted nobody!
21:11 PM
Sex and linguistics
It's so strange for a Russian that the English word ejaculation has also a grammatical meaning as a short utterance.
We, wild Russians, can't understand it - for us, Russians, this word has one meaning, it's the action of ejecting semen from the body. Seriously. For example the words "ejaculatory prayer" sounds for an English-speaking Russian as "a sperm ejection's prayer". Sad but true.
11 July 2014
in nomine spiritus pueri
8:12 AM
God is not of male gender. God is not He. God is It.  Because to be a (wo)man means to be imperfect, Mircea Eliade, one of the most influential scholars of religion of the 20th century, said ...
If you'd love to know WHO was God, plz contact Lena Hades directly, she is seeking for an editor for her book, she knows so much about gods and God. She called her research Theography, Theometry and Mathism
9:18 AM
"And the ugly duckling felt better than ever. He secretly laughed at night. He felt he wanted nobody!"
9;58 AM
In the matter of fact, honesty is the worst policy. Real human life is not a fairy tale, life is a battlefield where to be honest means to be slandered, or robbed, or killed, or something of that kind -- all exquisite pleasures for all those who adore to be victim and can find a joy in sufferings. In reality naive people are victims. All this is well known, nothing new.
12:00 Noon
"Faith: not wanting to know what is true"(Nietzsche)
Faith in a broad sense is a belief in something without having knowledge of it. To have knowledge is more interesting than to have faith, but all the same people prefer to stay in a warm and comfortable swamp of faith.
And if someone chases people from their swamp they unite and begin to look for a shepherd for their croaking human herd.
They can't be free, they don't want to be free, they need a shepherd, they need a new faith. But  "No shepherd, and one herd! Every one wanteth the same; every one is equal: he who hath other sentiments goeth voluntarily into the madhouse"
14;00 PM
Battlefield in a swamp.
14:27 PM
"Women are considered deep.Why? Because one can never discover any bottom to them. Women are not even shallow"
("Twilight of Idols or or How to Philosophize with a Hammer") In reality Nietzsche was not a misogyn as some feminists say
This aphorism about women is not misogynist at all, but simply nihilist like, for example, these two quotes about philosophers and Russians:
"Can an ass be tragic? - To be crushed by a burden one can neither bear nor throw off? ... The case of the philosopher"
"Bad men have no songs'. - How is it the Russians have songs?"
Nietzsche considered "not even shallow" not only women, but men also.
An apparently offensive aphorism about Germans like this one  "Among Germans today it is not enough to possess spirit: one must also possess the presumption to possess it" and many others of this kind made Nietzsche the least-read German philosopher in Germany. But who are the most quoted, but least read, of all philosophers? Obviously, Nietzsche! The quotes "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger" and  "That which is falling should also be pushed' are very popular worldwide.
15:28 PM
"As they say in Missouri, 'I ain't goin' back to Missouri!'"
18:28 PM
Dancing star
"I tell you: one must still have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star.I tell you: ye have still chaos in you"
18:48 PM
By the way this is THE BEST Roman Abramovich's portrait
Really the best! Dasha Zhukova must see it and estimate its perfection and fineness and purity of line.
Its size is 11.4 x 7.9 in. Nowadays nobody can draw so perfectly as Lena Hades do. Seriously. Only god Ptah, her patron
19:19 PM
Lena Hades starts a new painting.
19:56 PM
Another masterpice of drawing, this is Roman Abramovitch,
the portrait entitled "Fuck off, critics"
20:11 PM
How difficult to find and show these perfect drawings to art connoisseurs with sufficiently good taste.
This billionaire's portrait has an inscription on it - a stupid Jewish joke. All works of the series of Abramovitch portraits has a
Jewish joke. Antisemitism in Russia is on the rise now
21;49 PM
On Kawara dead
He's not alive anymore, so sad
12 July 2014
blindness of a blind and so on
hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper
 among wolves  
in sheepskin  in sheepskin in sheepskin in sheepskin   in sheepskin in sheepskin in sheepskin
  in sheepskin in sheepskin in sheepskin   in sheepskin in sheepskin in sheepskin
  in sheepskin in sheepskin in sheepskin
  in sheepskin
13 July 2014
Nobody knows whether Valeriya Novodvorskaya is dead or alive. Some Russian papers write that she is still alive...
She IS very honest, intelligent and worthy of admiration.
9:11 AM
It's awful but all the history of human civilization is only the history of wars and violences!
It's awful when innocent boys die violently
9:49 AM
Novodvorskaya never lied in her life, she never was a coward hypocrite. It's so rare nowadays.
13:33 PM
God is SomeOne who helps small people to become great - this is the shortest definition of God
Everybody who do it has God inside
15:15 PM
Hypocrisy rules the world, to be honest and say truth looks the same like to be mad or to be stupid, no - to be mad and stupid at the same time. Fast all Russian people considered Novodvorskaya "mad and stupid". 
18:42 PM
Novodvorskaya was a real Überfrau, a mixture of Don Quijote and Joan of Arc. She was Doña Quijote and Saint Valery of Moscow, Virgin.
14 July 2014
There are three 'saints" of Russian post-Soviet politics murdered by the Chimera of the State - Starovoytova, Rokhlin and Novodvorskaya.
Lena Hades said all what she could say. She said all about contemporary Russia through her paintings, it's dangerous to be so honest, you know.That's the reason why she stops to deal with political and social themes in her art. "Courage before witnesses is a cheap thing", but courage without witnesses is worse, it's absolutely useless, dear Nietzsche, excuse her, please.
9:35 AM
Made glorious summer by this sun of New-York
9:39 AM
Meanwhile the world is on the verge of third world war.
"Culture is only a thin apple peel over a glowing chaos", this is the title of the new painting.
11:00 AM
All we need is the total revolution of consciousness, but not this sort of clown blablabla à la Russell Brand.
We need the real revolution of consciousness.
The questions must be answered are:
1. The origin of human consciousness. What is it? Scientifically precisely.
2. The origin of human language on the Earth. Where is it from? Which language was the first on the Earth?
3. What happens to consciousness when a human being dies?
The precise schientific answers to these questions can help us to understand 
 "Who Are We?","Where Are We From?", "Where Are We Going?"
By the way, "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?" is a painting by French artist Paul Gauguin... The painter could not answered this question precisely. The common painting can NOT answer the question like this. Only the MATHIST paintings can do it.
11:22 AM
My dear readers from NY, Ashburn and Tampa, who are you? 
14:23 PM
Full moon fools
The world is on the brink of war -- "Moscow is considering targeted strikes against Ukraine after a shell reportedly crossed the border and killed a Russian civilian" the Kommersant daily reported Monday, citing a source close to the Kremlin" -- all this is very very bad.
"Not a soldier  initiates a war, and not even a general. The war is vaged by politicians", said the most honest Russian general killed by the Chimera of the State.
Please, Chimera, don't do it! No targeted strikes and leave Ukraine, please!
19:31 PM
The capitalist chimera and Messrs capitalists, you MUST force the chimera of the state to leave her imperial ambitions! 
15 july 2014
Today's world news
10;56 AM
Chimera of happiness
2013, 70x70 cm, oil on canvas.
11:37 AM
Chimera of beauty
2013, 80x80 cm, oil on canvas
and her creator. 
1959, 176 cm (5ft 9.29in ), flesh in rags.
13:31 PM
В исламе судьба человека решается в ночь лейлят аль-бараат ليلة البراءة,, это ночь "очищения".

В эту ночь Аллах сотрясает Дерево Жизни, на листьях которого написаны имена всех живущих, тот, чей лист с именем упал с Дерева, умрет в наступающем году. Очень сильный образ.

Древо жизни у якутов - это священное дерево Аал Луук Мас, мировое древо жизни, оно связывает три мира: верхний, где живут божества, средний, где живут люди, нижний, где обитают злые духи. Простираясь высоко вверх и глубоко вниз, Аал Луук Мас это - вечная сердцевина мироздания.

В иудаизме Эц hа-Даат  Ha-ʻez ha-daʻat 
-  Дерево Познания растет в Эдеме. Удивительно, но "дуат" или "даат" на мицраимском (то есть египетском языке) означает посмертную реальность. А есть ли знание выше, чем знание того, что с нами станет, когда нас не станет? Поэтому Эц hа-Даат и египетский дуат связаны семантически. ...

Можно долго рассказывать о Священном(или Мировом) Дереве в различных культурах, коротко суть его сводится к следующему: Мировое Дерево - это ось, связывающая мир живых и мир мертвых, мир богов и мир людей, прошлое и будущее, причину и следствие,
сакральное(= священное) и профанное(= обыденное), жизнь и смерть.
13:41 PM
dabar -- "word" (in Ancient Hebrew)
The word is the door into the world of knowledge.
15:51 PM
Sorry, but the keys to the door are only for adepts




































































Всякий раз, когда я жду от общения, что человек будет правдив (желательно цинично-правдив), я забываю об одной фундаментальной истине ---ложь и иллюзии -- это канва жизни, из нее жизнь выткана... и требовать от каждого, чтоб он был обязательно истинолюбивым философом -- неразумногрустно понимать, что правда на самом деле редко кому интересна и нужна, скользить по поверхности видимости, обольщать и обольщаться, "чувствовать" и испытывать "страсти", а также "верить", "надеяться" и "любить" - из этой фигни человеческая жизнь и состоит, дикая скукотища на самом-то деле)слово "любовь" я заковычила по одной причине - вот как можно любить что-то, кого-то, если этот кто-то что-то - лишь видимость, а мудрости безопасно нырять в глубину у "любящего" нет? глубина очень опасна, на глубине живут страшные чудовища, они могут проглотить, пожевать и выплюнуть "любящего", а вот умудриться(буквально)) полюбить чудовище (кстати, сказка про Аленький цветочек - аллегория), а точнее "понять" его - это то, что надои для такого понимания надо быть философом с самого рожденияпонимание - выше всякой "любви" и это понимание - и есть погружение в бездну другого, но сначала, правда, надо принять и освоить собственную бездну
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