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The artist's father died at the age 51. His name was Alexey Nikolaevich. He suffered many years from multiple sclerosis. This terrible incurable disease makes human bodies disable. All his relatives and friends left him. The only person who didn't leave him was his daughter Lena Hades. She was at this time 13 years old teenager.  Her father could not move his arms and his legs at all, he was totally immobilized by his disease. On January, 17, 1985, he died. The music he heard before his leaving this world was Adagio in G Minor by Tomaso Albinioni and the Alegretto of 7th symphony by Beethoven,  it is a tragic coincidence but the Italian composer Tomaso Albinoni died on January, 17 too.
Aleksey Nikolaevich was extremely good and intelligent person and a talented chess player and the best father of the world. Another sad coincidence - Aleksey Nikolaevich's favorite American chess player Bobby Fischer died on January, 17, 2008, 23 years later. 



Aleksey Nikolaevich's native land --
Kostroma region, Vokma, near the Zagatino village


"...Блажен, кто силой неземною от смертной горечи  храним"
Aleksey  Nikolaevich was an excellent photographer too, he left his daughter a big photo archive, you can see here only a small part of it
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