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The Total Solar Eclipse of 1959 Oct 02
Indeed Lena Hades has had the crucial moments of her life when she was 18,5 years old - singly and independently from her parents she's baptized, when she was 37 years old she created the Thus Spake Zarathustra cycle -- it does mean that the Saros cycle rules, REALLY rules.
The path of the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE OF 1959 OCT 02 went through Boston, the Atlantic Ocean, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the oasis of El Aaiún ( El Aaiún is the Spanish transliteration of the Arabic name Layoun which means "the water sources") and ended at longitudes of the Seychelles. And at that time in the cold Siberia in an humble Soviet maternity hospital was born one of the greatest artists of the XXI century Lena Hades.
Because the artist who has to start the real art revolution must be born in the cold Siberia only in a day of the Total Solar Eclipse
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